Music is life.

Well shit

My parents are arguing, over dumb shit too. It just happens that I try to stop them. Guess what? I get socked by my dad! I’m running away for abit. I’m fed up with life. There’s no point to it. Everything is just fucked up.

Glad you’re actually out of your fucking house now doing productive shit.

Man, this sucks…

Please leave my thoughts. It’s tormenting me.#withdrawls #depression #youyouyouyou


I need to stop being so blunt.

Yay its my birthday tomorrow! But theres shit in the way of me being happy. But hell fuck it, i haven’t been happy for about 4-5 months now right? whoooopdeeddooo x)

Reminiscing on how things used to be seriously sucks. Looking at all the stuff you gave brings me to tears. Listening to the songs that once related to our relationship makes me sad. Thinking back to how you always used to be down to hangout, and go out of your way to do things for us just makes me angry now, because you won’t do it. You’ve lost the effort to do things we used to do together. It hurts me so bad to see you put in time to go some where and stay out all day, because you can’t do that with me. Yeah, I’m happy that you’re actually out. I just wonder why you can’t do that with me. It just hurts me. Reading your letters makes my tears turn into straight up sobs. I just wish you can realize everything good about me again. Cause I know I’ve helluh fucked us up. But that really doesn’t mean you have to do this to me. That doesn’t mean you have to make it seem that you’re holding a grudge against me. I just want the old you back. I want my baby back. I honestly love/hate the you right now. I just want you back. Fuck my life right now, im so damn misrable… seriously. On the brighter side of things, my dads prostate results came in. He’s just fine and doesn’t have prostate cancer! Yay!

I honestly get jealous of seeing pictures of couples at del mar. Why can’t I have that with you?